PostDoc in AI, 2018-09-10 to present

Dr. Paola Di Maio obtained a MSc in Information technology [UKC at Canterbury] (1999), where she studied Software Engineering, Object Oriented Methods, Knowledge Based Systems and AI. She developed the first expert system (diagnostics and recommendation) implemented using an OO platform (Delphi) in 1999.

She holds a Ph.D. in Knowledge Systems (2012) from the University of Strathclyde in the [UK], and works internationally as expert evaluator [REA] ( as lecturer and sometimes consultant.

She developed various methodologies and frameworks for digital research including: OAM, KAF JEO JOM

A multilingual Systems Scientist, Engineer and Researcher, she works on a broad range of topics and projects, specialising in socio technical systems design and conceptual modelling.

Prior to embracing full time an academic career, she worked as Science and Technology Correspondent and as language tutor and lecturer in London for major international publications covering high tech and future technologies as well as online publisher and digital project manager.