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2020 Nordling Lab Openhouse Video


Welcome to the Nordling Lab

Walking instead of scooter in short distance

Unplug appliances when not in use

Reduce Subsidies to fossil fuels

Tilt Ball Switch - Marvin Yang, 楊斯宇

LED Smartwatch - Ryan Cai, 蔡旻霖

Demonstration of object recognition using CNN and transfer learning - Jose Ramon Chang

Gamma Ray Sensor - Leon Lin, 林俊佑

CO2 Sensor - Eddy Chang, 張超凱

Infrared red sensor - Ben Yu, 游秉學

Walking instead of scooter in short distance

Frequent closing of restaurants on University road

Gyroscope - Keter Sheu, 許軒宇

Qi wireless charger - Steven Chien, 簡致誠

Earphones - Eric Huang, 黃志浩

Paper waste in college

Potentiometer - Tommy Huang, 黃禾

Nordling Lab - Demonstration of two-way communication with two smart toys from Telegram

A MEMS accelerometer - Chris Chang, 張至

A Full-text Scientific Information Retrieval System by Nordling Lab

Nordron-SciInfo: Full Text System Implementing Automatic Metadata Extraction and Visualization

Nordling Lab - Smart toy sends Telegram messages

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