PostDoc, 2018-09-10 to present

Dr. Akram Ashyani obtained her B. Sc. in Islamic Azad University(2009) in mathematics and her M. Sc. in Shahrood University of Technology(2011) where she studied Mathematics-Geometry (Differential Geometry).

She got her Ph. D. degree in the field of Mathematics-Geometry (Applied Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modeling)(2016) from University of Birjand.

She studied on epidemiological models and dynamical systems, especially on systems of ordinary and delay differential equations for cancer virotherapy and proposed some models based on biological observations indicating that there is a delay in the growth of tumor size after virus injection into the tumor cells, and it would make a major change in the treatment. Therefore, she investigated the conditions for occurring stability and bifurcations, especially Hopf bifurcation in the models. At the same time, she was a lecturer in different universities in Iran.