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Vital signs including heart rate (HR), respiratory rate, body temperature, and blood pressure are significant indicators to assess the state of bodily functions. Nowadays, many technologies for measuring vital signs are commonly used in hospitals, such as Electrocardiography (ECG) and Photoplethysmography (PPG) for HR measurement. However, using non­-contact measurement can prevent skin irritation and discomfort to subject, and this further reduces the risk of infection.

In this project, we conduct experiment for collecting the ECG and PPG data from the Philips vital signs monitor and synchronise it with the facial video being recorded simultaneously. You will gain the experience to setup an experiment room and collect data to formulate a dataset that can be used to train a model that can measure the HR while using only a video camera. You will also learn how to talk to subjects and get their consent before the experiment, thereby improving professional communication skills essential for your future.


After successful completion of the project you will e.g.:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the process of conducting a scientific experiment.
  2. Have learned collection and organization of data.
  3. Be able to formulate a dataset for training a model.
  4. Be able to use a state-of-the art heart rate measuring tools.
  5. Have a nice project you can add to your CV.

To apply:

Email your current CV and transcripts (in English) to


About the Principal Investigator

Dr. Torbjörn Nordling is an Assistant Professor in Automatic Control at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at the National Cheng Kung University since Sept. 2015 and a part-time Senior Lecturer in Media Technology at the Dept. of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University since Jan. 2020. He obtained both his Ph.D. in Automatic Control (2013) and his M.Sc. in Engineering Physics (2005) from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Previously, he did a PostDoc at the Dept. of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at Uppsala University. He has been a visiting researcher at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Naples and ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project at Japan Science and Technology Agency in Tokyo. He has also co-founded several companies. For more information, please, see his  Profile.

Undergraduate Student

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Entry level


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Nordling Lab,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University
No. 1 University Road Tainan 70101