Víctor Osorio is a master student of the Institute of Creative Industries Design at the National Cheng Kung University, in Tainan, Taiwan. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in (2010) in Mechanical Engineering from Kun Shan University, in Tainan, Taiwan.

He is currently working in the field of Media and Interaction design for his Thesis. He has worked for an international airline Avianca Airlines (2010-2015) and has a background in Graphic Design which has been developing in the last couple of years by being part of a Design Studio

He got interested in the Nordling Lab’s projects and is now working in developing with the aid of the Lab’s members; the Lab’s graphical image and digital assets. He is also a member of NCKU Magi Makers Guild therefore has experience in the fields of 3D Printing/prototyping and Laser Cutting.